Stanwick Lakes Fisheries

Day Ticket Carp Fishing

Complex Records


 Mirror Carp 39lb 3oz
 Unknown Elsons
 Common Carp
 45lb 7oz
  Trev Gurney
 Crucian Carp
 4lb 2oz Paul Chambers
 Tench 12lb 2oz
Sean McKinney
 Bream 16lb 11oz
 Don McInnes
 Pike 31lb 7oz
 Jay Thomas
 Eel 4lb 0oz
 Luke Senatore






 Kislingbury syndicate lakes  for details call Phil on 07974300015 or fill in the application form online to join the waiting list

Stanwick Bait

We can now offer a selection of our own baits at very reasonable prices. Our boilies can be purchased in quantaties from as little as 400g and up to 25 kilos or more on request, and we have a range of pop ups to compliment them. Also a variety of pellets are available. Take a look in the onsite shop.

Try our own successful Pop-ups available on site