Recent Seasons Recent Seasons 19lb 8oz A nice Elsons common, surface caught while on a stalking session - August 2009 49524934 69026556 38lb 4oz Another cracking Roman thirty caught by Alex Osborn - May 2009 36339612 30lb A nice Roman common for Pete Day - April 2009 35719769 25lb 12oz 25 lb12 oz from Mallard - April 2009 34332907 30lb Tony Fitzpatrick with a lovely Elsons Thirty. - April 2009 33517297 29lb 6oz "Ossie" Osborn with a lovely Elsons common. April 2009 32897203 23lb A gorgeous Mirror from Kislingbury Lake 2 for Scott Clarke - April 2009 35720070 35lb Alex Osborn lands "The Bishop" again. This time weighing 35lb. Its top weight for this time of the year.- April 2009 33516537 37lb 1oz Mark Thacker landed this beauty on his first session on Roman. April 2009 32897202 22lb 8oz Alex Osborn with a cracking common from Mallard. April 2009 32897201 24lb 10oz Dean Turner with a nice Mallard common - March 2009 37380350 31lb Pete Day with an "unknown" Elsons thirty. March 2009 30495399 20lb 120z Alex Osborn with a cracking Pike from Roman Nov 2008 26490846 32lb 10oz Another big Roman common for Matt King. Sept 2008 26490037 33lb 6oz Matt King with a cracking Roman common . Sept 2008 26490050 35lb 9oz The Bishop caught again by Matt Smith, August 2008 26490038 32lb 8oz A Roman Ghost common for Matt Smith. August 2008 26490039 21lb 12oz George Bedford with a nice Roman common, August 2008 26490051 34lb 15oz Matt King with a cracking Roman common. August 2008 26490040 25lb 8oz Matt King with a nice Roman common. August 2008 26490041 37lb 1oz Alex Osborn with The Bishop from Roman. August 2008 26490052 26lb 6oz Alex Osborn with a cracking mirror from Roman. August 2008 26490042 31lb 2oz Matt with a cracking Roman common July 2008 26490055 23lb Bailiff, Jon with a nice Roman common August 2008 26490044 37lb 14oz Another cracker for Andy from Roman July 2008 26490056 24lb A nice Mirror for Alex from Roman July 2008 26490066 22lb 4oz Oz with a lovely lean Roman common July 2008 26490067 32lb 12oz The Bishop caught by Mick Hayes from Roman - May 2008 26490068 31lb Trevor Gurney with a superb 31lb common from Roman June 2008 (unknown thirty) 26490058 41lb Steve Page with the Complex Record carp from Roman- April 2008 26490060 Martyn with Swanny from Elsons 26490070 32lb 8oz Big Jon with the Bishop from Roman - April2007 26490072 38lb 8oz Bunter from Elsons 26490062 35lb 10oz Swanny from Elsons in fine form 26490063 Earl Grey from Elsons 26490064 26490086 Swanny from Elsons 26490085 26490087 26490075 26490088 26490089 31lb 7oz Jay Thomas with a 31lb 7oz Pike 26490077 19lb Craig Murby with a 19lb Mirror From Elson's 26490091