Dodge Dodge 27lb Sep 09 They are in there!! My first from elsons 27lb common 94852756 Gigantica Magic July 2010 All 39lb 8oz of mirror came my way after only 5 hrs of fishing on diception baits. 94852757 Mallard common May 2010 One of 11 carp out in 36hrs on Diception baits. 94853479 11lb Not big but always welcome 94940668 first ever carp My lads first carp at 3lb.Get in there lewis. 97963669 12lb from mallard taken on deception baits 99361472 somewhere!!! Keep looking lads 99644959 My uk pb The matt hayes fish! 99667644 My pb common 99667973 21lb 2oz 99668145 mallard youngster 99671914 15lb mirror 99672671 2nd on elsons 15lb 12oz stocky 122669420 the waiting game to beep or not to beep! 122669422 Swim 4 Elsons Swim 4 Elsons 124792802