Stanwick Lakes Fisheries

Day Ticket Carp Fishing



 1.   That the object of the Stanwick Lakes Fisheries shall be to promote the sport of angling  


 2.    No excessive cutting of marginal plants


 3.   Members must be in possession of a current EA Rod License.


 4.   Members are not permitted to fish on water reserved for a competition and will be ordered

       to move.


 5.   Bailiffs have the right to refuse anglers admission to the water.


 6.   Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on   

       Stanwick Lakes Fisheries.


 7.   The rules covering each water must be strictly adhered to.


 8.   The parking of vehicles must be in parking areas provided. Do not cause obstruction by  

       blocking pathways, roadways or gateways.


 9.  No trees to be cut, unless authorised by Stanwick Lakes Fisheries management.


10.  All hooks are to be Barbless.


11.  No open fires. (anybody found in breach of this rule will be told to leave)


12.  Disabled anglers to be given priority on pegs provided


13.  A maximum of 3 rods to be used.


14.  No fixed leads.


15.  No moving of fish


16.  Unhooking mats must be used


17.  No carp to be retained in keepnets ( except in matches)


18.  Please shut all gates behind you


19.  Please drive slowly and respect other anglers while on the complex


20.   All particles to be prepared properly

21.  All rubbish must be either taken from the complex, which is preferable, or if you must leave

       it, please use the bins provided in the main car park.




 Kislingbury syndicate lakes  for details call Phil on 07974300015 or fill in the application form online to join the waiting list

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