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Day Ticket Carp Fishing


We are located on the A45 eastbound carriageway between Wellingborough and Thrapston. After crossing the roundabout at the A6 intersection, turn into the first layby, approx 400yds ahead.  The entrance to the Complex is through a metal gate located at the end of this layby. This gives you access to the Main Car Park. Turn left  and follow the track and this will take you to the Swan Car Park. Syndicate members have a key to access another Car Park along the side of Elsons Lake. You cannot gain access to the Complex from the Stanwick Lakes Country Park entrance on the Stanwick roundabout.
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A beautiful lake of over 6 acres, steeped in carp fishing history, offering tench, pike, and large carp.The biggest recorded carp was just over 40lb and was caught in 2015, and there are currently 15 known 30lb+ fish. Pike have been caught at over 26lb. A maximum of 12 anglers, and due to demand, booking is necessary

PRICES:  £14.00   Day ticket  or  £23.00  24 hours   (No concessions on this lake)

You will be asked to pay a small deposit on booking £5 per angler per night which will be deducted from the cost of your ticket 

To make a booking E.Mail:    or
Contact Phil on: 07974300015 

You are required to have a landing net of not less than 42" and a large unhooking mat. If you are not in possession of either, you will not be allowed to fish Elson's.


MALLARD LAKE                              NO NEED TO BOOK SWIMS

25 Pegs.This lake is now our second specimen lake as the quality of fish being caught will testify. Numerous twenties are caught regularly and at least two thirties are present.

Contact Phil on: 07974300015



SWAN LAKE                               NO NEED TO BOOK SWIMS

This lake is around 3 acres in size and has 30 pegs. This lake is popular for carping now that the stocked fish have grown on, and can be considered as our "runs" water. The average size expected would be between 8lb-16lb although  mid twenties have been caught and there is also a known thirty residing here. There is a car park, conveniently located next to the lake, so you can drive right to it.



COOT LAKE                              NO NEED TO BOOK SWIMS                          

 This is our smallest, of around 12 pegs, and has received a large amount of extra fish, including carp, tench, roach, rudd, and crucians. and recently a good stocking of Bream to 10lb 


CAR PARK LAKE                       NO NEED TO BOOK SWIMS

This lake has 16 pegs,and as the name suggests, is located next to the main car park, giving easy access. It has a large stocking of small carp, and is an ideal venue for pleasure fishing, or small matches. We have built some double platforms which are ideal for family use. ie. father and son.


 For match bookings contact  Phil on:07974 300015


ROMAN LAKE - (Syndicate Members Only)


 Roman lake is our syndicate lake, its about 9 acres. An area known as The Arm, which is about 2 acres, is shut for the close season  (December 1st till February 28th) which still leaves about 7 acres open all year. Since taking over the complex, the stock in this lake has steadily increased, and at a rough estimate, there are now approaching 200 carp, from doubles, numerous twenties and thirties, up to the current record for the lake, which is a 50lb common.




 Kislingbury syndicate lakes  for details call Phil on 07974300015 or fill in the application form online to join the waiting list

Stanwick Bait

We can now offer a selection of our own baits at very reasonable prices. Our boilies can be purchased in quantaties from as little as 400g and up to 25 kilos or more on request, and we have a range of pop ups to compliment them. Also a variety of pellets are available. Take a look in the onsite shop.

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